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Due diligence

    How long is the due diligence process likely to take?

    The usual timescale is approximately four weeks. We understand that each facility is unique and has its own requirements and timescales. We work with a small panel of professionals who are well equipped to complete tasks to short turnaround times. Visit our “Financed Projects” page to see how long some recently completed loans took to complete.

    Will the valuer, surveyor and solicitor be chosen by me or by Close Brothers?

    We will choose the valuer, surveyor and solicitor from our small panel of trusted professionals. However, we can be flexible if you have worked with some of our panel firm previously. You will also need to appoint your own solicitor to advise you separately.

    Will I be required to pay the professional fees?

    Yes, you will be asked to settle the valuer and surveyor’s respective professional fee invoice before their report is issued. Our solicitor will request a fee undertaking from your solicitor with respect to their fee when the initial enquiries list is issued.