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"Band of Builders" network for SME housebuilders

May 12

4 min read

Travis Perkins' "Band of Builders" started as a support network for a few SME housebuilders during the pandemic, but it is now using its collective might to improve the industry for all. 

Read Rupert Bates' excellent piece in Show House magazine below, which includes a comment from Daniel Joyce and Business Development Director at Travis Perkins Plc, Edwin De Silva, who both welcomed the insight this group gives into the world of the SME developer.

"Collaboration is an ambiguous word. It can mean both working positively and openly together or clandestine collusion with treacherous overtones.

For the latter read football’s proposed European Super League; the former is the group Show House dubbed the ‘band of builders’.

Over the last year one suspects the owners and drivers of the Super League 12 have been meeting in a SPECTRE style uber-luxury mountain hideaway plotting untold riches and the demise of the ‘little people’, draining the lifeblood of the sport to transfuse their own veins with gold.

Over the last year, the owners and drivers of regional bespoke housebuilders across the UK have been meeting, via the lockdown medium of video calls, in open forums, all welcome and with one overriding purpose – to share industry problems and solutions for the benefit of all.

It is a remarkable story of the power of the collective, the collaborative. The issues of land, planning, funding, regulation, recruitment, design, build quality and sustainability do not simply get solved because any number from 18 to 80 faces appear on screen at the same time, but it sure helps. A problem shared is a problem halved, or, in the case of the band, an eighteenth or eightieth."

Click on the link below to read the full article in Show House magazine, written by Rupert Bates.


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