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Call to Action: Next Generation of Developer

November 25

2 min read

The housebuilding sector has proven to be one of the most pandemic-resilient industries in the UK over the last year, however, the Home Builders Federation indicates that close to a third of the workforce will be retiring over the coming years, which risks interrupting housing supply and placing the Government’s 300,000 homes per annum ambition further out of reach.

Encouraging the next generation of housebuilders is vital to increasing the supply of new homes across the UK, and will also increase the number of SME’s and diversity within the sector.

At Close Brothers we understand the important role SME housebuilders play within the housing market. As well as the regional economic benefits from employment and supply chains, they act as pioneers in design and innovation and utilise a cross-section of sites which the large PLC’s would not entertain.

Call to action

We want to support the next generation of housebuilders and in order to do that we need to understand the barriers in their way.

We will be joining forces with the other leading industry bodies to ensure that supporting the next generation of housebuilders becomes a priority for 2021.


We are asking for young professionals (ideally under 35 years old) in the industry to answer our survey (which takes 7 minutes), so that we can help remove those barriers and encourage more young talent.

Please share our survey to anyone who fits the criteria - be those relatives, colleagues or acquaintances, and help us to safeguard the future of the housebuilding industry for generations to come.



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