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Video: Ramping up sustainable living

November 21

10 min read

Ramping up sustainable living: how do we deliver elegant solutions in a tough market?


The climate crisis has led housebuilders and civic leaders alike to seek creative and elegant solutions to making housing sustainable – but when the economy is tough to begin with, how do we make it happen? These questions and more were discussed at this roundtable.


A panel of industry leaders gathered recently in Leeds to debate the Yorkshire market, explore where best practice can be learned from, and unpick how the regional housing industry can ramp up delivery in the face of rising costs and political uncertainty.


Thank you to David Cross from Sky-House Co. Jess Lennox from Leeds City Council, Chris Thompson from Citu and Tim I. from Primhus G for joining Deputy Managing Director Daniel Joyce in this interesting debate. Thank you to Place North West for hosting this event.


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